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The HKUST Hong Kong  - Nov./Dec. 2023

The Institute of Sound & Vibration Research UK - October 2023

The Metamaterials conference in Crete - September 2023

Sayan meta 3.jpg

We also traveled a bit around Greece.


Done assembling circuits!!! - August 2023

Still assembling circuits... - July 2023


Assembling circuits - June 2023

Group trip to the Sodom Salt Cave - May 2023

The APS March Meeting in Las Vegas - March 2023

Sayan - APS - presenting.jpg
Lea - APS - presenting.jpg

Las Vegas was fun!

Sayan - Lea - Las Vegas strat tower.jpg

And other places in the USA as well!

Lea - bridge - better.jpg
Sayan - NASA museum - Copy.jpg

The Max Planck Erlangen & Uni. of Zagreb - November 2022

Lea visits and gives a talk.


The YIMQCMT in Bhubaneswar - October 2022

The Metamaterials conference in Siena - September 2022

Sayan gives a talk.

Or gives a talk.

And Lea too.


We enjoyed Siena a lot!

Or beer.jpg

And other places in Italy on the way!


Posing for the TAU newsletter - July 2022

Or's performances - June, July 2022

Masters seminar

Graduate studies excellence fellowship

Group meeting - December 2020

Group meeting 3.png
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